Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Helen Rogers - Trenton, NJ

I wrote last week about the short life of Ellerslie Wallace Rogers, son of Dr. Elmer H. and Mary (Bowers) Rogers.  Sadly, they were to lose another child two and a half years later, their four year-old daughter Helen.  I would have never known about Helen, except I came across this short notice in the Trenton Times:

Trenton Times 21 Jul 1897

Once again, no mention as to the cause of death and I can only guess at the sadness and despair the parents felt, especially the father being a doctor and unable to save his own child.

Just this week I received notification that a Find-A-Grave contributor had added these pictures of Ellerslie and Helen's headstones and I am very grateful to have both of these pictures.

Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, NJ

Rogers Children, Main Stone, Riverview Cemetery

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Talented Tuesday - Trenton Physician Discovers Secret in Clays

Trenton Physician Discovers Long Sought Secret in Clays

Dr. Elmer H. Rogers (1858 – 1907), my husband’s great-grandfather, was a well-respected physician and businessman in Trenton, NJ.  Besides his thriving medical practice, it appears he invested in real estate and other businesses.  I recently came across this article in the Trenton Times (17 Jun 1905) that talks about his discovery of a special clay that when made into bricks “possessed the hardness of a piece of granite and the enamel was perfect.”  This article was of special interest to me as his grandson Alvin, who was born nearly twenty years after his death, would later become a stone and brick mason and his son, my husband, a contractor. 

The article talks about Dr. Rogers’ ownership of a property “on which is deposited an almost inexhaustible supply of the right quality in its natural state.”  It goes on to further state his intention to form a company to develop and manufacture bricks to be sold on the market.  I don’t know if this business venture ever got off the ground, it has never been heard of in this generation of the family.  I have not found any further articles to substantiate the company and Dr. Rogers died 11 Apr 1907.  Here is the article as it appeared:

Trenton Times - Saturday, 17 Jun 1905

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday's Obituary - Ellerslie Wallace Rogers - Trenton, NJ

I have written before of the sad, short life of the first-born son of Dr. Elmer H. and Mary (Bowers) Rogers, Ellerslie Wallace Rogers.  He was my husband's grand-uncle.  Although his father was a respected Trenton, NJ physician, he was not able to save his own child from dying.  I have not been able to find out why Ellerslie or Wallace as it appeared he was called died, the only mention of his death is this short mention in the Trenton Times on 20 Feb 1895:

Although some months ago I had requested via Find-A-Grave, a photograph of his headstone at Riverview Cemetery in the family plot, I was very disappointed to be told there was none.  However, just this week out of the blue I received notification that another Find-A-Grave contributor had added these pictures of Ellerslie and his sister Helen's headstones (who I will write about also) and I am so grateful to have these pictures.

Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, NJ

Main Headstone - Rogers Children
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