Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thriller Thursday - Mishap at at Funeral

Accidents Which Befell a Coffin on the Way to the Grave!

As genealogists, I think we all feel it is our responsibility to remember with dignity those who have gone before.  However, I don't think you can spend as much time in cemeteries as as the typical genealogist without having some graveyard humor.

So, okay, caveats - this story is not about about any of my people and it was probably not very funny when it happened, but when I read it I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair!  I could see it as the opening scene of a Tim Burton movie or a scene from the TV show, Six Feet Under.  However, I hope the girl in question is resting in peace and that her poor parents did not have too many nightmares.

Source:  Trenton Times
Date:  Saturday, 28 Feb 1885


  1. Talk about not going quietly! I'm sure it was horrifying, but at this distance it's almost slapstick. I hope the family was eventually able to laugh - though I don't suppose a child's death is ever funny. Still, wonderful article.

    Thinking back, my grandmother always said she would never die in winter because the ground was too cold. I wonder if she saw one or two episodes like this?

  2. Wow! What a story! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I am really LOL-ing! Thanks!

  4. Palsied with fright is my new favorite phrase

  5. I can't even imagine - how horrible and humorous, all rolled into one! I hope they could laugh about it afterward, but I'm sure it took some time. Thanks for sharing.


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