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Amanuensis Monday: Inventory-Estate of Levi H. Rogers, Deceased

Amanuensis Monday:  Inventory-Estate of Levi H. Rogers, Deceased

I received this Will and Estate inventory from the New Jersey State Archives for Levi H. Rogers, my husband’s 3x great-grandfather.  He was originally from Bucks County, PA and was a farmer, civil engineer and conducted a store¹.  In his later years he moved to Trenton, NJ where he died on 4 Feb 1892 at the age of sixty-five.  I particularly like the way everything is listed down to the detail especially "12 chickens," etc.  Additionally, there are notes with interest due from several people including two of his own sons, Irvin and Benjamin Rogers.  Here is the transcription of his will and estate inventory² :

A True and Perfect Inventory and Appraisement
Of the Goods, Chattels, Rights, Credits and Effects of ……………………………………
Levi H. Rogers deceased, late of the County of Mercer, made this Ninth day of March A.D. 1892
By Jane E. Rogers Adm. and Henry R. Hill and Benjamin Satterthwait Appraisers.

Four (4) Cows valued at                     100.00
One (1) ton hay                                  12.00
Wheat in mow &part thrushed              33.00
Corn in crib                                        12.00
½ Interest in 8 acres wheat                 45.00
½ interest in 3 acres rye                      30.00
150 Bu potatoes                                 30.00
12 Chickens                                         6.00
2 Straps bells                                         .50
One (1) Sleigh                                       5.00
Wagon Body                                           .25   
J. R. Elrath Note Interest                     924.00
I. Rogers Note Interest                        500.00
B. H. Rogers Note Interest                  229.63
Ida & Sylvester Taylor                         511.82                   2424.20

                Jane Eliza Rogers, Adm
                Benjamin Satterthwait and
                Henry R. Hill, Appraisers

State of New Jersey
Mercer County,    Jane E. Rogers, Administrator of Levi H. Rogers, deceased being duly affirmed according to law, saith that the annexed writing contains a true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and chattels, rights, credits and effects of the said deceased, so far as they have come to her possession of any other person or persons for her use, to her knowledge.

Affirmed and subscribed, the 19th day of March A.D. 1892 before me, J. W. Don (signature) Surrogate.

State of New Jersey,
Mercer County,
Benjamin Satterthwait one of the appraisers of the annexed inventory, being duly affirmed according to law, saith that the goods, chattels, rights, credits and effects, therein set down and specified were by him appraised at their just and true respective rates and values according to the best of his judgment and understanding; and that Henry R. Fill the other appraiser whose name is thereto subscribed; was present at the same time with this deponent and consented, in all things, thereto; and that they appraised all things that were brought to their view for appraisement.

Affirmed and subscribed the 19th day of march, A,D. 1892 before Me. J. W. ?, Surrogate.  Benjamin Satterthwait (signature)

¹Genealogical & Personal Memorial of Mercer County, New Jersey, edited by Francis Bazley Lee, Volume 2. Page 749.
²New Jersey State Archives, Secretary of State’s Will & Inventories (Mercer Co) 5034K.

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