Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No Will Left By Chas. C. Hildinger

I guess it doesn't matter how smart, or how rich you are;  it doesn't always add up to wise estate planning.  My husband's ancestor, his great-uncle Charles Clark Hildinger, wealthy theater magnate of Trenton, New Jersey, was evidently afraid to sign a will.

I found this article in the Trenton Evening Times, 25 Sep 1931, outlining the circumstances.  The will had been drawn up several days before at his friends' urging and placed before him, but he was too superstitious to sign it.  As a result of his refusal to sign, the proceeds of his estate, which were estimated at $50,000 were divided up between the widow, Helen inheriting one-third, son Clark, aged fourteen,  one-third and daughter Claire, aged eleven, one third.  However, it was believed that the estate was worth much more than the amount mentioned in the filing.

This is one will I would have loved to get my hands on.  With his impressive holdings, it would have most certainly been full of interesting details.

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