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Dr. Elmer H. Rogers Obituary


North Warren Street Physician Martyr to His Profession

Dr. Elmer H. Rogers, one of Trenton’s leading physicians, died suddenly of heart disease at 4 o’clock this morning at his home, 126 North Warren street.

While his health has been poor of late his death was unexpected and came as a shock to his many friends.  He retired feeling as well as usual last evening, but in a short time he was awakened with pains about his heart.  He took the accustomed remedies, but seemed to realize that the ailment was of a serious nature and advised Mrs. Rogers to send for physicians.  Drs. Morton Kent and L. D. Tompkins arrived in a few minutes, but their ministrations were unavailing.

Dr. Rogers enjoyed one of the largest practices in Trenton and was practically a martyr to his calling.  At some seasons in the year he made as many as 100 sick calls in one day and was kept busy late into the night.  The strain first began to show upon his health about a year ago when he complained about his heart.  He remained in his home Monday and Tuesday of this week, but was around the centre of the city yesterday although he did not make any sick calls.


Dr. Rogers was born in Dolington, Pa., forty-seven years ago.   He was educated in the public schools there and then entered the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.  Upon his graduation he came to Trenton, twenty years ago.  He established an office at Perry and Warren streets, where the Central Restaurant now is and remained there five years, after which he removed to his late home.

He continued his studies after graduation and took special courses in foreign colleges.  He was abroad three times.  He was awarded certificates by the Metropolitan School of Medicine in London, and the Medical Graduates’ College and Polyclinic in London.  The former certificate permitted him to practice in the Charing Cross, Guys, King’s College, Middlesex, St. George’s, St. Mary’s, St. Thomas’s, University College and Westminster Hospitals.  In the Medical Graduates’ College the course was in Ophthalmology and Clinical Pathology, while in Berlin two years ago he studied special branches of surgery.  He also attended the Philadelphia Hospital for Skin Diseases in Philadelphia, and took special training on the eye, ear and throat in institutions in New York.

Dr. Rogers was unusually successful in his profession and was frequently called to surrounding cities.  He had a blunt manner but forceful character and immediately won the implicit confidence and trust of his patients.  He devoted all of his energy to his work, and was untiring in his efforts.  Public life never appealed to him.

He is survived by his wife, who was Miss Olivia Bowers, of Fallsington, and three children, one son and two daughters.  His son, Alvin, is a student at the State Schools.  His daughters are Florence and Olive.  Mrs. Jane Rogers, his mother and Irvin W. Rogers, his brother, who is secretary and general agent of the Standard Fire Insurance Company, live in this city.  Another brother, Dr. B. H. Rogers, resides in Paterson.

Dr. Rogers was a member of the Trenton Medical Library Association, the Mercer County Component Medical Society, Trenton Circle, Brotherhood of America, the Alumni Association of Jefferson Medical College, Trenton Lodge, Knights of Pythias, Shepherd’s Delight Lodge, Ancient Order of Shepherds, Century Council, Junior Order of United American Mechanics and Royal Oak Lodge, Sons of St. George.  He attended the meetings of the Hicksite Friends.

The arrangements for the funeral have not been completed.  The interment will be under the direction of Ashmore & Margerum.

Source:  Trenton EveningTimes
Date:  11 April 1907

Dr. Rogers Buried In Riverview Today

Many Professional and Personal Friends Attend Funeral Services

Funeral Services of the Society of Friends were conducted this afternoon over the body of Dr. Elmer H. Rogers at his later home, 126 North Warren street.  There was also a short eulogy by the Rev. A.J. Welsley, pastor of the Third Presbyterian Church.

The funeral was largely attended, there being an exceptionally large representation of members of the medical profession present.  Lodges of which Dr. Rogers was a member were represented by large delegations.  The lodges which were represented at the services were Trenton Circle of Brotherhood of America, Trenton Lodge of Knights of Pythias, Shepherds Delight Lodge of The Ancient Order of Shepherds, Century Council of Jr. O. U. A. M., and Royal Oak Lodge of Sons of St. George.  There were also representatives of the Trenton Medical Library Association, Jefferson Medical College Alumni Association, Mercer County Component Medical Society.

Interment of the body of Dr. Rogers was made in Riverview cemetery at the convenience of the family and under the direction of Ashmore & Margerum.

Dr. Rogers died Thursday after a short illness.  He was 48 years of age and was one of the best known physicians in New Jersey.  He had been in poor health for some time, but his death was sudden and unexpected, heart trouble being the cause.

Source:  Trenton Times
Date:  15 April 1907

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