Friday, September 17, 2010

Olivia R. Rogers

Olivia R. Rogers, daughter and fifth child of Dr. Elmer H. Rogers and Mary Olivia Bowers Rogers seems to me to have lived a short, perhaps not too happy life.  Although she came from an affluent family, her life took a sad turn when her father died when she was nine years old.  She and her sister Florence never married, remaining at home with their mother.  Florence was quite intelligent and accomplished, but I have not found much to show that Olivia, or Olive as she was known, was as accomplished.  In the 1920 Trenton, Mercer County census, her occupation is listed as "Filing Clerk for Federal Vocational Board."    I found this small, what I find to be, amusing article in the Trenton Evening times, 26 Apr 1928.  I mean seriously, they had schools to to learn how to file?  

I guess her career in the filing business wasn't very successful because for whatever reason, just two years later in the 1930 Trenton, Mercer County census, her occupation is listed as "Clerk Department Store."
In 1934, after her mother's death she petitioned the Court to be appointed trustee of a sizable trust fund set up under the terms of the will of her father Elmer H. Rogers for the benefit of his children and grandchildren and was approved the position by the Court.  These grandchildren included my father-in-law Alvin S. Rogers, Jr.  Not much is found on Olivia from this date and sadly, ten years later at just forty-two years of age, she followed so many of her relatives into death from cause of heart attack.

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  1. I love the little notes of interest that used to be published in the newspapers. I can spend hours reading them.
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