Monday, September 13, 2010

Sailors Celebrate (War is Over)

The following article was taken and transcribed from the Trenton Evening Times, 16 Sep 1945 describing the end of World War II for certain soldiers including my father-in-law  Alvin S. Rogers.

Sailors Celebrate

Alvin S. Rogers, seaman first class, USNR, of 631 Edgewood Avenue; Thomas H. Raywood, chief quartermaster, USN, 230 Euclid Avenue, and John A. Hartmann, pharmacist’s mate first class, USNR, whose wife lives at 559 Centre Street,  celebrated the surrender of Japan aboard the USS Nevada as she rested at anchor in Leyte Gulf after a 32-day mission into the East China Sea.

The announcement by the commanding officer, Captain Homer Louis Grosskopf, USN, of Minneapolis, Minn., that the Japanese had quit touched off a demonstration unlike any this veteran ship had ever seen.  Sailors tossed their hats in the air and began jitterbugging to the strains of the ship’s band.  It was “Holiday Routine” for all hands.

The “Old Imperishable” of the fleet began this war at Pearl Harbor, went through the Aleutians campaign, fought at Normandy and southern France and then joined in the Iwo Jima and Okinawa battles.

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