Monday, September 13, 2010

Dr. Elmer H. Rogers

Dr. Elmer H. Rogers, father of Alvin Stackhouse Rogers, Sr.  was born 10 Nov 1858 in Dolington, Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the first child of Levi H. Rogers and Jane Eliza (Slack) Rogers. 

He attended and graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.  He was awarded certificates by the Metropolitan School of Medicine in London, and the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic in London.  He also attended the Philadelphia Hospital for Skin Diseases in Philadelphia, and took special training on the eye, ear, and throat in institutions in New York.

In September of 1884 he accepted Guardianship of Mary Olivia Bowers, daughter of Thomas Lamb and Lydia (unknown) Bowers.  She had been the under the guardianship of her great-uncle John P. Stackhouse along with her sister Rosamond Lower Bowers.  Elmer and Mary were married most likely the same month, September 1884.  The whereabouts and guardianship of their younger brother William A. Bowers, born about 1869 is still a mystery, but documents show his existence, living in Washington, DC until at least 1943.

Elmer Rogers was the county physician for Mercer County for a number of years affiliated with Mercer Hospital.

According to his U. S. Passport Application of July 1905, Elmer was 5' 10", dark complexion with a mustache and long face, gray hair, straight nose, and round chin.  On 11 April 1907 after a short illness, he died at the age of 48 of angina pectoris and was buried in Riverview Cemetery in Trenton.

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