Friday, September 17, 2010

“Ten Fallsington Girls Who Married Physicians”

This is an excerpt from an article from the Trenton Sunday Times Advertiser, 2 Nov 1913 about Mary Olivia Bowers, mother of Alvin Stackhouse Rogers, Sr., my husband's grandfather.

Excerpt from “Ten Fallsington Girls Who Married Physicians”
Prettily Told Story of a Village School Across the Delaware Which has Graduated a
Goodly Number of Notable People of Both Sexes
(Written for the Sunday-Times Advertiser by Louise White Watson, Fallsington, Pa.)


Olivia Bowers was the fourth one of our girls to spend her married life in the city of Trenton having married Dr Elmer H. Rogers in 1884.  Miss Bowers after leaving the old schoolroom here took up her studies at the West Chester State Normal School, and later, attended Swarthmore College.  As Dr. Rogers did not graduate from the Jefferson Medical College till 1886, Mrs. Rogers during that period studied at the Woman’s Medical College, Girard and College Avenues, Philadelphia.  Dr. Rogers then located in Trenton, and continued in practice there till his death some years ago.  Mrs. Rogers’s son, Alvin Stackhouse Rogers, is a graduate of Pennington Seminary, and is now following in his father’s footsteps, by taking the full course at Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia.  In the department of civil engineering Mr. Rogers, last summer, was inspector and timekeeper on one of the forces now engaged on the barge canal between Lake George and Lake Champlain, an enterprise which is said to equal that of the Panama Canal.

Mrs. Rogers’ older daughter, Florence, is now a student at the Trenton High School.  She is also a stenographer, having taken the course both at the school and at Rider-Moore and Stewart Business College.  In addition to this work, Miss Rogers has won several prizes as a versatile story-writer.

Mrs. Rogers’ second daughter, Olivia, or Olive as she is generally known, is attending the Trenton High School.

Rose Bowers, a sister of Olive Bowers, was another of our girls who married a physician.  Her husband, Dr. Henry D. Gold practiced his profession for a time at Portland, Oregon, but has since discontinued it and is now in the Pennsylvania Railroad employ at Broad Street, Philadelphia.

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