Monday, November 8, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: Across the Ocean -Naturalization of John Hildinger & Family

I've talked before (see here) about the Hildinger line of my husband's family, his paternal great-grandmother's family.  His great-great-great grandfather John Hildinger, along with wife Margaret, daughter Rosana (3) and son John A. (1) all emigrated to United States from Württemberg, Germany in 1833.  I have great respect for anyone brave enough to travel with two toddlers, but to do so nearly two hundred years ago, across the ocean with few belongings and probably little money can only be described as unbelievably courageous!

The Hildingers settled first in Westmoreland County, PA and then next purchased land in Armstrong County, PA.  I have not been able to find to find a port of arrival or the ship they came over; however I was lucky enough to find naturalization records in the keeping of the Prothonotary of Westmoreland County.  Here is my transcription of this record, unfortunately a portion of the far right side was cut off and a few words were lost:

No. 4
John Hildinger

                Westmoreland county ss – Be it remembered that at a Court held at Greenot? said County the 27th February A.D. 1837.  Personally appeared John Hildinger aged 44 years _____ship a native of Wurtemburgh in Germany and made report of his family Margret his wife age __ his daughter aged 8 years, John his son aged 5 years that they were born subjects to the King of _____ migrated to the United Stated in 1833 that it is bona fide his intention to become a citizen of ______ to renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign Prince States Potentates or sovereigns particularly to the King of Wurtemburgh of whom he was before a subject.
                Sworn and Subcribed in open this 28th Feb. A.D. 1837 before me}                                                                                                   (signed in German)
                                                                                      J. B. Oliver, Prot}

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