Monday, January 2, 2012

Madness Monday - Ella Rogers - Trenton Lunatic Asylum

Trenton Times 20 Jul 1902

As a follow up to my last few postings about Mary and Ella Rogers and their hospitalizations at the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum, I just found this brief clipping which showed me that Ella spent more time there than I originally knew.  It appears she was admitted as early as 1902, but must have been released and readmitted a number of times.  I know this through census records and I also have other newspaper clippings where she attended social events, etc.  Sad, sad, sad........


  1. Hello Theresa. I just found your blog and read some entries. Very interesting. My family is from Trenton and I still live in the area. If you need anything from the area just give me a shout and I will see what I can manage.

  2. Thanks, Moe, I appreciate the offer. I have never been to Trenton, or my husband and I keep telling him we should go, at least to see where his great-grandparents & great, great-grandparents are buried. Also where his great-grandfather Dr. Elmer Rogers lived and practiced medicine. So far I haven't had any luck convincing him.

    My biggest issue is with getting vital records like death certificates. He has so many ancestors there and it so difficult having to show the lineage (and expensive). I want certified copies for cause of death and to date this is one of my biggest and most time consuming hurdles. I'd also like to find out why his great grand-aunts were admitted to the state hospital, but not sure that information can even be released.


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