Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday's Obituary - Irvin W. Rogers

Irvin Wise Rogers
10 Dec 1863 - 12 May 1912

This is the obituary of my husband's great grand-uncle, Irvin Wise Rogers, who was a well known and respected businessman in Trenton, NJ.  He was born 10 Dec 1863 in Edgewood, Bucks County, PA to Levi H. Rogers and Jane Eliza (Slack) Rogers.  He was also the brother of Dr. Elmer H. Rogers of Trenton, NJ and Dr. Benjamin H. Rogers, of Patterson, NJ.

He was married to Ida May Tallman of Bucks County, PA about 1882.  Sometime around 1890 they moved to Trenton, New Jersey where for many years he was the secretary of the Standard Fire Insurance Agency. They had four living children, Dr. Lawrence H. Rogers, Norman Tallman Rogers who later became an attorney and Superior Court Judge of New Jersey, Irvin W. Rogers, Jr. and one daughter Helen M. Rogers.

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